Well, I had a bit more time to get my head round the website but I’m not sure it’s going to be the place for me.

Here’s my problem. I feel that I’m hopelessly inexperienced as a writer and therefore, I don’t really feel I’m qualified to critique other writers’ work. I love reading the books and I’m happy to say what I like and dislike about the story or characters, and why. But when it comes to the in depth review on style and use of language etc. I feel like a complete fraud.

On the one hand I want other people to review my book so that I can make it better. But, on the other hand, I wonder who it is that’s doing the reviewing. I would hate to think that someone changed a perfectly good story based on something I’d said when, to be honest, I simply haven’t got the experience.

How many other writers are lurking on these sites reviewing other peoples’ work simply to get a review of their own? I’m not saying these sites are not a good idea, or that they have no merit. I just wonder if the earning a review for your book by reviewing someone else’s is the best model.

Not only that, what I really want is feedback from potential readers. Of course, there’s no reason why a fellow writer could not be a potential reader too, but I do think that maybe writers can be a bit too nit picky over something ‘writerly’ that wouldn’t bother a reader in the least. I feel it all gets too technical and can knock the confidence if you’re not careful.

Anyway, that said, I will leave Sanchin up there for a little while and see what kind of feedback I get, then take it from there.