Yantsu and the Mystery Bug

Well, I can finally report that I seem to be back on track with Yantsu. The words are pouring onto the page at the moment and it’s left me with a dilemma for the rest of the weekend. Do I keep going while things are flowing so well, or do I take a break and recharge the old batteries while I have the chance?

The scenes I wrote today were particularly difficult ones. The word harrowing springs to mind, and they’ve left me feeling quite drained. Maybe I do need that break after all. Considering I’ve been feeling like a wet dish rag all week, I’ve done surprisingly well.

I think I must have picked up a bug of some sort. I’ve been plagued by dizzy spells, nausea and a fairly hefty dose of stupidity all week. I know I should rest when I’m not feeling well, especially when eating anything more than a bit of soup or a few steamed veggies brings on an attack of vomiting, but somehow I just can’t bring myself to do it.

I’ve spent everyday on the computer working and a couple of evenings I’ve forced myself to do some training. I hoped it might make me feel better but it probably just knocked me back even more.

I certainly won’t be training tonight even though I was looking forward to working up a good sweat this weekend. Oh well, I’ll see how I feel tomorrow. Whatever I have, it can’t last for ever. And at least it’s kept me immobile for long enough to get another few chapters added to Yantsu.

2 thoughts on “Yantsu and the Mystery Bug”

  1. Emil says:

    My wife once had that same “bug.” No we have a bugged-eye monster of two years old running free 😉

    I hope you kept writing.

    1. Karen says:

      😮 Nope, I’ve always been very careful to avoid that little “bug” lol. I don’t think I have the right instincts to deal with bugged-eye monsters. Though I have to say, yours does look very cute.

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