Yantsu and the Meaning of Pain!

Well, I’m happy to report that after a weekend of reading on Authonomy, I’m in  writing mode again. Yantsu is well and truly back on track and I’ve managed a couple of thousand words today with more to come before bedtime, I’m sure.

Last night I hit a stumbling block in the plot. One of my characters dug his heels in and flatly refused to do what I thought he should. I decided to leave him to it for the night and got stuck into a particularly vicious workout that involved a lot of squat kicks, push ups and holding unnatural stances for ridiculously long periods of time.

Needless to say I had a little trouble getting out of bed this morning and ended up walking like a duck for most of the day aka The Kyokushin Shuffle.

To make matters worse, on my way to the shop I got roped into a five a side soccer game with a bunch of kids in the park this afternoon. Not wanting them to think the old granny couldn’t keep up I ran round like a fool and killed the legs completely. Now I can hardly walk.

As for the arms, ouch! As if  the 2oo odd push ups last night weren’t enough, when I finally got away from the kids I went on to the shop for my cat food and cat litter. Right, 12 tins of cat food and a litre of milk in the backpack and a 12 litre bag of cat litter in each hand. No problem.

At least not until I get outside the door and the handles of both cat litter bags break. So, now it’s  a bag of cat litter under each arm. Okay, it’s only about half a mile home. I can do that.

Until the elastic goes in my track pants. Now it’s 12 litres of cat litter under each arm and holding the pants up. Suddenly half a mile feels like a marathon.

Anyway, I made it but I swear my arms are still shaking as I type this and I still have tonight’s training to go.

Oh well, Osu no Seishin (to persevere when pushed), as we say in Kyokushin!