Working Title Change – Already!

Well, I guess that will teach me to hold my horses. Yesterday I rabbited on about the new working title and today I changed it. There’s a fair chance it will happen again, probably several times, before the book hits final draft. But have I learned to keep my mouth shut? No!

The new title is Yantsu. Also the name of a karate kata but this time derived from the characters Yan, meaning safe and Su meaning three. So why the change?

Well, while Gekisai still has relevance to the story, in that we have an ‘outsider attacking the family stronghold’ (ooh, how dramatic), said outsider is still a member of the family. And, while I was working on the pitch this morning, I realised that a major part of this story lies in his attempts to come safely back into the family fold.

How that’s going to pan out remains to be seen.

Anyway,  ignoring the potential for disaster, I’ve made a mock-up cover for the book and put the (working) first chapter on the website. I hope that’s not the kiss of death. It certainly seemed to knock Broken Bonds on the head.

You can read the short pitch on the books page, and the long pitch and the first chapter are here.

The writing is still coming along well on this one. I’m getting to know the characters better and a couple of then are really starting to surprise me.

The final edit of Sanchin is coming along too. I’ve been through all of the recommendations and I was up until 1 am making the changes. I probably will be again tonight. Oh the joys of editing.

2 thoughts on “Working Title Change – Already!”

  1. Mark van Rensburg says:

    I think naming the books after kata is cool. Do you think you could come up with a book for each of the kata in your style?

  2. Karen says:

    Hi Mark,

    Thank you for your comment. I’m glad you like my titles.

    My head is full of stories that may or may not end up as novels. I like the name to have some relevance to the story but, you never know, I might end up with a library of books named after kata. I think Taikyoku Sono Ichi might be a bit of a mouthful though. 😉


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