Weddings, Weights and Writing

I’m not sure how but I did manage to get some writing done on Yantsu today. The reason that is so surprising is because my cousin got married in America and we attended the “cyber wedding” via Skype.

It was a lovely ceremony and it was good to be able to “be there” without the hassle of flights and visas etc.

Prior to that I had a good run and a session with the weights and the punch bag in my makeshift gym. Well, I say it was a good run, it was only about 5 miles but it was fast and easy.

Anyway, back to the writing. It seems to be flowing well again. My characters haven’t abandoned me even though I’ve neglected them for quite some time. I read through some of it and it doesn’t seem too bad for a first draft. I had a good laugh at some of the typos in there but I have resisted the urge to correct anything at this stage.

Still no new news on Sanchin’s final release date but I’m not expecting to hear anything until after the weekend. I will update you as soon as I know.