Waiting for the Proof Copy of Sanchin

I’d like to say I’m waiting patiently for my proof copy of Sanchin, but I’m not. I’m being rather impatient. It was shipped today but it has to get here from the USA and we have a postal strike going on in our town.

Normally I wouldn’t mind but I’m away from home again for another month from next Tuesday and that could mean I’m waiting over 5 weeks to review the proof.

Oh well, maybe a bit more distance between me and the story is not a bad thing.

I haven’t managed any writing again today but I am beginning to catch up with my reading on Authonomy. I had no idea that it would take up so much of my time. I’m feeling really swamped at the moment, so much so that I’m planning to take thee weeks off work soon to just chill out and relax a bit. Well, that and relocate to another town. maybe My time off won’t be quite so relaxing after all.

Tomorrow, I want to get through a lot more reading on Authonomy and get back into my writing again. I’ve had too much time away from that story now. In fact, I think I’ll go and do a bit now, since my attemts to write last night got somehow sidetracked.