Updates, Updates and er… Updates

Yes, lots of updates today and none of them about the weather. Well, maybe just a little one. THE SNOW IS MELTING!

That’s the important bit out of the way. Now for the post.

Computer update:
I’ve spent the last couple of days playing with my new computer. Okay, it’s not new, in fact, in technology terms it’s a dinosaur, but it has a shiny new operating system and lots of new goodies to play with. And no, it’s not Win7.

After using Ubuntu’s Hardy Heron since it first came out I finally decided to update and I’m now happily up and running on Karmic Koala.

Okay, so it ate my webcam, but webcams are overrated anyway.

Cat update:
My precious boy cat, Philby, was really unwell a while ago and I was convinced the vet was going to put him to sleep. Anyway, she didn’t and, after almost three weeks on steroids and antibiotics he’s like a kitten again.

I’m hoping he will stay that way when he finishes his meds tomorrow . We have another vet’s appointment on Thursday before he gets the all clear, but here’s hoping he’s 100% again.

Phil photo

My boy

I thought that would be our last photo together. It was taken just before I took him to the vets. As it happens he is still going strong but it was the last photo my webcam took.

Damn, I must like orange. I’m wearing that same shirt again today and it really isn’t my colour.

Artist’s Way update:
Yes, I’m still doing it. I may even have done an artist’s date this week but I’m still not sure if it qualifies. All will be revealed in tomorrow’s progress report.

Writing update:
I haven’t done any. Well, I haven’t actually written anything new but I have done some revising and editing. I know, that doesn’t count at this stage.

I’ve almost finished a couple of projects for other people which will free up some time. I have a major one in the pipeline that’s still in the development stage (read I’m stewing over it instead of actually getting started) and I’m looking at doing some freelance editing work for a couple of people but otherwise Yantsu will soon be getting my full attention.

Karate update:
Grading on 25th Feb. Lots of work to do before then. Plenty of solo training as I won’t get much dojo time due to working away a lot this month. Damn!

Cricket update:
No? Okay. But I’m just hoping South Africa can at least win this match. Come on Proteas!

Oh, did I mention the snow is melting?

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