Twists and Turns and (Un)Pleasant Surprises

A very productive day on the writing front today. I have no idea how much of it will make final draft but it sure is interesting. It will need a good polish if it’s going to last the course but one thing is certain, this is not turning out to be the book I thought it was going to be.

Not that I have a problem with that, it’s just that it’s beginning to stray at little from my pitch. Oh well, I didn’t really know where Sanchin was going until I dotted the final I and crossed the final T. I ended up tweaking the pitch on that so I guess it doesn’t matter that much.

One character in particular is full of surprises. A couple of shocks in some cases too. My main concern at the moment is that he seems to be taking over the story. I might have to step in and knock him down a peg or two. Oh the power!

Power? Ha! Who am I trying to kid. The last time I put one of my characters in his place it caused a big stink and I had to do some serious moderating of the story. The gist of it remains but it’s still a bone of contention among a couple of my ‘advisors’. I use the term loosely as I’m not good at taking advice when it comes to the storyline.

Bad writing? No problem, say your piece and put me on the right track. But don’t mess with my content.

2 thoughts on “Twists and Turns and (Un)Pleasant Surprises”

  1. Chris says:

    KVW 365:

    I understand Karen, its like how books are so amazing in that characters can come off differently to individual readers. It makes it much more interesting.. but having said that, i dont know how that works from the perspective of a writer.. but i can imagine it must be difficult to keep a handle on things at times!

  2. Karen says:

    Chris, you’re right about how differently characters come over to different people. Some of the things people have said to me about my characters have been a real eye opener. They pick up things about them that I have never even thought about.

    When they go on the rampage while I’m writing it’s fascinating. I keep telling myself that I created this person and I can control him/her. This person is only in my head. But I end up with a real battle on my hands if I try to make them do something other than what they want to do.

    Sometimes I think I’m going nuts but then it’s those little surprises that keep me interested. That’s what I love so much about writing fiction. I’m a bit of a loony at the best of times. Having a few fictional people running round in my head just gives me a good excuse 😀

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