Trauma and Recovery

Okay, to those who emailed me,  my absence from the blog was not due to the alcoholic curry experience. I had no side effects at all, so no drama there.

My excuse is that NaNoWriMo is traumatic and I’m still recovering. Any writing at all is difficult at the moment.

I’m pleased to say I did eventually finish the entire first draft of my NaNo novel and I might even be able to make a book of it some time in the future.

I passed my first Shotokan grading, which was nowhere near as traumatic as I expected it to be, and then proceeded to injure my thumb in my first session in the dojo as an orange belt.

It’s amazing how hard it is to hit the space bar with my left thumb instead of my right. I’m back in the dojo on Sunday and I hope it will be better by then.

I might also be running the Lincoln Santa race on Sunday. That is if I can force myself out of bed on a cold and frosty morning, cycle 8km with a very steep hill at the end and run 3,5km barefoot and  dressed in a gigantic Santa suit with beard and all.

On second thoughts, red really isn’t my colour.