Tickets, Tournaments and Missed Milestones

Yay, I finally booked my tickets to the 33rd British Open Knockdown Tournament on 17th October.

British Open Knockdown

Thanks to Ollie Potter from Bethnal Green Karate Club for permission to use the poster.


My tickets should be arriving any day but I keep hearing nasty rumours about a postal strike.

According to one news report postal workers are on strike now and according to another they’re voting whether or not to strike in September. Par for the course for news reports I guess.

There is also the all Kyokushin Karate World Tournament in Budapest from the 2nd to the 4th of October. I really want to go to that one too but I’m not sure that the tourney chasing budget will stretch to two in one month.

Having said that, it’s actually cheaper to fly to Budapest than it is to take a train down to Crawley. The mind boggles.

I’m justifying my tournament chasing by telling myself it’s research for Yantsu. Well, technically it is. Yantsu is, after all,  about a young karateka who dreams of going on to be a great tournament fighter. I’m not sure my tax accountant will see it that way if I try to claim it as a business expense though 😉

So, I missed my 100 post milestone. This is number 101. No big deal I guess but it would have been nice if my 100th hadn’t been a moan fest about my state of health (or lack thereof).

Fortunately I’m feeling much better now and I’ll be back to training with a vengeance this week. Now I’m just hoping for less working away time and more dojo time so I can start reporting about tournaments I’m taking part in rather than just stalking.