The Countdown to November

Wow, something amazing happened to me last night. I was getting ready for bed and thinking of nothing in particular, when an idea popped into my head for my story for NaNoWriMo.

I grabbed a pencil and my notebook and the entire outline for the plot just flooded onto the page. I have the whole novel mapped out and ready to write.

This is the first time that’s ever happened to me. I’ve never written a plot outline before so it should be interesting. Normally I just sit down and write as the story comes to me.

I also write the book from beginning to end. I may shuffle a couple of scenes or chapters around for greater impact but I’m not one of these writers who can write a scene here and there and then put it all together like a jigsaw during the editing phase.

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to NaNo and I can’t wait to see how this story pans out. All I will say for now is that it’s not a young adult novel and I’ve never written this kind of story before.

Whether I can handle the genre or whether it will become another Broken Bonds remains to be seen. Only time will tell.

Well, that’s NaNo taken care of, but November is shaping up to be a hectic month. I usually work away from home for at least two weeks every month. Last night I got an email from my Sensei and it looks like grading will be held while I’m away so I will need to shuffle my dates around a bit.

I was hoping it would be earlier in November. Thanks to the late night writing stints, by the time we get to the halfway mark I’m usually an over-caffeinated, sleep deprived crazy person, living on brandy beans and black coffee and talking to myself a lot.

Not exactly on top form for a grading. Maybe I should try pre-cooking and freezing meals so that I actually eat?