Still Two Chapters to Go

Well, I’m really scraping the bottom of the barrel for something to say on here today. I told myself when I started a blog that I would write something every day. But this might just be one of those days when it would have been better not to bother.

Anyway, the day went well considering the number of people in a fairly small space but I didn’t get much editing done. Whether that was due to the invasion or the red wine, I’m not sure. I suspect the latter.

I still have two chapters of Sanchin to edit. I’m tempted to do them tonight but I’m tired and I have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow. I should be able to fit the editing in though, so maybe bed would be my best bet tonight.

I just hope I sleep better. Last night I had a frog in the back garden croaking all night long. When I did finally fall asleep I was woken up by a set of dumbbells falling over with such a crash I though someone was breaking into the house.

Okay, my mouse is playing up now. It probably needs a new battery but I’ll take it as a sign that I need to shut down for the night. Tomorrow I hope to be able to report that Sanchin is finished.