Spam and a Yantsu Update

Hmmph it looks like the spammers finally caught up with my blog. In theory it’s not a problem because I manually approve comments anyway. So nothing gets onto the blog without my say so . Please take note of that statement before you’re tempted to spam on here. Go and waste your time elsewhere.

It becomes a problem when I’m off line for a while and the comments mount up. If I have a whole load to moderate I may miss a legitimate comment and delete it by accident.

I apologise if this has happened to anyone. If you’ve commented on the blog and it hasn’t appeared, please give me a shout via the contact page and I’ll sort it out.

Okay, now Yantsu. I really can’t believe it’s taking me so long to get the first draft written. In many ways I wish I’d waited until November and started it as another NaNoWriMo project.

Making the decision to put a whole month aside to spend on Sanchin got me to the end of first draft in no time. The trouble is, I don’t feel that I can do it twice in one year and I would hate not to be able to take part in NaNo because I’d already taken a month off.

I can’t work on Yantsu this year because I’ve already started it and even if I wrote 50 000 words in November it would still be cheating.

I thought that once Sanchin was out of the way I would have more time to work on Yantsu but it seems that is not the case. I have managed to get a bit written in the last couple of weeks but I’m so pushed for time that I’m sacrificing my sleep again.

And I thought writing fiction would be relaxing ha ha. Perhaps I should challenge myself to add another 10 000 words by the end of next week. I’ll let you know how that goes.