Soggy Paper and Other Fun

Well, yet again my writing in general, and Yantsu in particular, is taking a back seat for a while. That doesn’t mean it’s being ignored completely though. I am a woman, I can multi-task. Well, most of the time, anyway.

I’m having to divide my time into neat little blocks so I can keep up with everything and Yantsu has been allocated a couple of hours a day. The screenplay gets about an hour in bed at night and the rest of the time I’m up to my elbows in glue and soggy paper.

One elbow actually. The other arm is in a plastic bag because it looks like this:

The Demon Cast

Here’s what the glue and soggy paper look like so far:

Lizard Wall Hanging

He/she/it needs another couple of layers of paper and then it’ll be time to decorate.

Normally my art ‘speaks’ to me and I know exactly how I want to decorate it but, this guy is not talking. I need to have him finished, the tutorial written up and the e-zine ready to go out by Wednesday so he’d better say something pretty quick.

Any ideas?