Snow, Shopping and Sibling Rivalry

Can you guess we still have snow? I hate this time of year in the UK. Okay, to be fair, it’s not that often that we get this much snow so early in the winter.

In fact, if my limited knowledge of the northern hermispherian (is that a word?) seasons is correct, it’s not officially winter until tomorrow. Ooh two and a half hours to go. Urgh!!

Skatepark in the snow

I don’t know why I do this to myself. Even as I type this I’m peeking round the curtains to see if it’s still there. Hello, of course it is. It’s -3C out there.

Well, thanks to the lovely weather, I have the day from hell planned for tomorrow. I have to do all the food shopping for the festive season, get a couple of last minute presents and bank a cheque that should have been here a week ago but arrived late on Saturday (hence the trip to town so ridiculously close to Christmas).

I’m sure I’ll survive the ordeal. Whether or not my fragile grip on sanity will remains to be seen.

Okay, yesterday I posted a photo of Boy Cat on the blog and it seems Girl Cat isn’t too happy about this. So, to make amends, here she is in all her glory. A dodgy cell phone photo of a very indignant Girl Cat.

Disgruntled Girl Cat