Sanchin – The Never Ending Story

Well, it’s not Sanchin that doesn’t end, it’s my fiddling and poking around with the manuscript. Today I got through the entire final read but I made a few changes here and there as I was going along and now I have to read through again 😮

I have a horrible tendency to make mistakes when I make changes. I’ll have to export to PDF or print it out before I read through again. That way I can’t fiddle any more. The trouble is, I’m so close to the story now that I’m not sure if the tweaking is strengthening or weakening it.

Yesterday I did some brutal cutting and that definitely improved things. It’s tightened up the dialogue and generally helped the flow.

Oh well, it’s a holiday weekend so nothing is going to get done on the publishing front until Tuesday. At least I have a little longer to finally get it done and sent off.

4 thoughts on “Sanchin – The Never Ending Story”

  1. Chris says:

    Sanchin is really good, I like it because i started Karate at a Young age too and I can understand what Tristaan is going through, Right now im a white belt, training at the back of a class, i have to push hard and not let up, I have to be corrected by my sensei and i have to constantly remember the struggle, to prove yourself worthy to be in class. The belts dont matter, and I am identifying with this book so much. Thank you Karen, it is a well written book with so much emotion. 🙂 I too have screamed into my pillow before, when my sensei told me he wouldn’t grade me to Shodan after i spent almost 3 years as a brown belt. Was tough!

    Awesomeness maximus!

  2. Chris says:

    I finished Sanchin. What a ride, What a ride, what a ride! It’s been so long since i’ve been so emotionally drained from reading a book. (in a good way) I can’t wait for Yantsu now…

    thank you so much Karen for commenting on my blog, otherwise, like Andre…”if the accident hadn’t happen, he wouldn’t have met friends like Tristan”.


  3. Chris says:

    Oh…and one more thing…
    p.s. Karen, would have really liked to see more of Megan and Tristan or maybe in the sequel hehe, thought he’d suit her cause they seem to kinda have a thing going on although 😀

    My favourite Character in the book is Tristaan’s mum. She reminds me of people who care about me, I love how she gives him both tough love and tender love and when she speaks to him in Afrikaans. Its just like how my mum used to call my full name in chinese. (She also calls me Boy)

    My verdict.. is the book is awesome and didnt disappoint at all!

    1. Karen says:

      Wow, Chris,
      What can I say. Thank you so much. I’m so glad you like Sanchin. You have no idea how nervous I was to let a fellow martial artist read this book.

      I worried constantly about whether I got the balance right and I thought I may have leaned a little more towards the non-martial arts readership but you’ve really put my mind at rest.

      It’s interesting that you should mention Tris and Megan. You’re not the first person to mention a spark between them. In fact, when Megan first popped up on the scene I thought they would get together too. It always amazes me how the characters seem to write their own stories. As you say, maybe in a sequel 😉

      I’m glad I commented on your blog too. So many times I read your entry and hit the comment button but decided I had nothing to say that would be of value to you or your readers. Then one day it just felt right to wish you luck with your training.

      I’m going over there now to try and compose a worthy comment to your wonderful post.

      Thank you so much for your support, Chris.



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