Sanchin Proof Copy Has Arrived

sanchin proof

Sanchin Proof Copy

My proof copy of Sanchin arrived this afternoon. I haven’t had time to read any of it yet, but so far so good. The new cover design looks great. I’m really pleased with it and the interior formatting looks perfect at a quick glance.

Now all I have to do is read it again. Something I’m not particularly looking forward to as I can almost recite it word for word anyway. Oh well, such is life when you choose to self-edit. At last I’m on the home straight with it.

As for Yantsu, I have done a bit of writing today. I managed to get my character out of his sticky situation without too much physical damage but he’s still a bit upset with the way his life is going.

I’m going away for a month tomorrow but it shouldn’t interfere with the writing too much. In fact, I think it will be quieter there than it is at home and I’ll probably get more work done than I do here.

I still have to finish packing, but I have my dogi and my proof copy in my bag already so anything I leave behind now I can live without for four weeks. Unless I forget to pick up my laptop and my cell phones, that is.