Sanchin – My First Amazon Review

Okay, I’m excited. Sanchin got its first customer review on Amazon today. And, as if that’s not cool enough, it was from someone who I respect a great deal both as a martial artist and as an author.

I ordered Goran Powell’s Waking Dragons when I saw it mentioned in a thread on a forum. I was so frustrated when it arrived at home as I was working away at the time. From the reviews I’d read I just knew I would enjoy it and I wasn’t disappointed.

Goran’s courage and tenacity as he prepared for, and faced, one of the most difficult challenges for a martial artist really came across in that book. Even now, I dip into it when I need some inspiration for my own training.

Today’s review gave me some much needed inspiration for my writing too.

Thank you, Goran 😀

One thought on “Sanchin – My First Amazon Review”

  1. Emil says:

    I can only imagine the feeling of accomplishment that went with it. You must be stoked! Well done. I am checking it out now.

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