Sanchin and Creeping Deadlines

Well the deadline for Sanchin is creeping up rather faster than I’m comfortable with at the moment. Life really seems to be getting in the way of writing right now. It’s times like this when I wish I could make a full time living out of writing fiction.

They say time goes faster the older you get but this is insane. I can’t believe we are already almost half way through the year. Time seems to be flying and I feel like I’m getting nowhere.

I think it’s time to take Sanchin down from Authonomy. I’m still getting lots of helpful comments but I’m also tending to want to make changes based on what people are suggesting. I’m not even taking into account the fact that some of the comments contradict each other.

The whole point of going down the Indie publishing route in the first place was so I wouldn’t have some editor breathing down my neck telling me what I should and shouldn’t do with the book and yet I still seem to be willing to do rewrite after rewrite based on someone else’s opinion.

Maybe it’s time to just give the publisher the go ahead and put it out as it is. At this rate I will never get the book done if I don’t soon stop fiddling.

4 thoughts on “Sanchin and Creeping Deadlines”

  1. Emil says:

    At one point you have to say: Stop! Otherwise you edit and edit and edit. And as you say: now you are doing exactly what an editor would have done. Indie all the way! Do it! Publish (or perish) LOL

    1. Karen says:

      Yes Emil, I am doing exactly what an editor would make me do. That’s it! I have to stop now. I will have to give them the go ahead by Monday and I should make the deadline. I hope LOL

  2. Emil says:

    Yeh, because I want to buy the finished product!

  3. Karen says:

    😀 Thanks Emil, I don’t need any greater encouragement than interested customers. I’m on to it.

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