Sanchin – An Update

Well, I’m more or less at the final read though stage with Sanchin. I’m almost reluctant to do it because it means I will soon have to let my baby go and see how it fares out there in the big bad world.

On the other hand, I have Yantsu to look forward to. I love the writing process, but I find the editing a bit of a chore. I haven’t even looked at Yantsu for over a week now. I wanted to get Sanchin done and out there before I did any more writing.

I won’t make the same mistake with the next one. Editing and writing just don’t work well together. For starters you use different parts of the brain. The writing comes from the creative side whereas you need the analytical side to edit. I’ll finish Yantsu right up to the point where I’m holding the first copy in my hand before going on to the next one.

I want to finish the read through tonight but I also need to get more sleep. I’ve been getting by on about three hours a night for the past two weeks, my diet has been terrible and my fluid intake has consisted mainly of coffee. My training is suffering badly and I’m beginning to feel physically and emotionally drained.

As soon has Sanchin is done I’m taking a whole month off work to relax and get back into shape.