Sanchin – An Update

Okay, call me stupid! Maybe I have flipped out or maybe there is some deep seated psychological fear of putting my book out there. Today I went to check why I hadn’t heard anything regarding Sanchin and it seems I had forgotten to take two steps I needed to take to approve the book for publication.

So, that’s why it’s the 15th of May and Sanchin is not yet available for sale. My sincere apologies to the few people who are waiting patiently for their copies. I have now pressed all of the right buttons and Sanchin should be available by this time next week.

I have made some progress today on other work so Yantsu will be taking priority over the weekend. I finally feel like I’m getting back to normal after a few frustrating days of thinking I’m losing the plot.

Hopefully the blog will be back to normal by Monday too. I feel it’s descended into a bit of a whinge about what’s been going wrong in my life recently. This was never intended to be a place to vent my frustrations, though I have to admit that it has helped to get it out.

So, back to business over the weekend with some updates on the progress of Yantsu to follow and, of course, the final publication date for Sanchin as soon as I have it.

One thought on “Sanchin – An Update”

  1. Emil says:

    Looking forward to it! Keep us updated!

    I am very happy that you reached the cut-off!

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