Procrastination and Progress

Well, I just looked at the date of my last entry and wondered if I could procrastinate a bit longer and actually go a full year without making a post. Not the greatest idea I’ve ever had. My lone follower probably thinks I died months ago.

In my defence, I have been working very hard on Yantsu and I have news. It’s all done and out there in Kindle format. It will be available in paperback in the next few weeks too.

You can find out more at the new site for my YA fiction called Knockdown Karate.

I’m currently back to working on Broken Bonds as well as a non-fiction title provisionally called The Art of Giving.

I’ll be posting updates on both of these projects as and when I have the time.

4 thoughts on “Procrastination and Progress”

  1. Fredinchina says:

    Osu Karen,

    Finishing your novel is not what I call procrastination, but maybe the antithesis of it!
    Why don’t you offer your novel for sale on K4L, with an offer for a signed copy for K4L support members?


    1. Karen says:


      Hi Fred, good to hear from you. Hehe yes, I suppose I could look at it that way but I think of it as procrastination because I’m remembering all of the months of doing nothing to the book and then the crazy mad scramble to get it finished in a fairly short time:)

      Offering it on K4L is a good idea. I’m still ironing out a few glitches with the print copy though. Both novels are only available in Kindle format at the moment. I was hoping for the end of this month to get the paperback out, but it looks like it may be closer to the end of March.

      I’ll have to pop back in over at K4L again before everyone forgets who I am. I avoid the forum while I’m writing my MA novels, but I’ve got no excuse now, and I do miss the place.

      1. Fredinchina says:

        You could have a nice word with TMD to see if you could have a table made available for a book signing at the coming March 18th Folkestone tourney; that is if you can have the print copy at that time…

        Please reserve a copy for me 😉


        1. Karen says:

          🙂 I’ll see to it that there is a copy with your name on it, Fred.

          I’d really love to do something like a signing at a tourney but unfortunately I’ll be working at the other end of the country on the 18th. I really wanted to go to that one too, as I missed the British Open last year because of work.

          I’m having tourney withdrawal symptoms.

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