Pre-NaNo Downtime or Just Plain Lazy?

It’s been a while since I updated my blog but I have this weird stage in the run up to NaNoWriMo every year.

Maybe it’s a self preservation thing but I just seem to stop writing, even to the degree that I ignore the blog.

It’s not that I don’t have anything to say, I just can’t seem to get the mind and fingers to co-ordinate. I’ll call it my pre-NaNo downtime. It sounds so much better than just being too lazy to write.

I went to the 33rd British Open Knockdown Tournament at K2 in Crawley on the 17th. The real reason was research for Yantsu, but it was also a great opportunity to catch up with people and watch some great fighting.

Oh, and a bit of shameless self promotion too. I actually wore the Sanchin shirt. 🙂

I'm the one in the funny shoes.

That’s me catching up with members of the Kyokushin4Life forum.

As far as the research goes, I came back with lots of info and a renewed enthusiasm for writing Yantsu.

Unfortunately I couldn’t stay until the end as we had a long drive home and we’d been up since 4am. I also missed chatting with some of the people I really wanted to catch up with but it was still a great day out.

Okay, now I’ve got the fingers warmed up I think I’ll go and bash out a bit more of Yantsu. I know I have no chance of finishing it before the 1st of November and I have this horrible niggle that it’s going to seriously interfere with my NaNo novel.

So much so, I’m even considering joining the NaNo rebels this year and adding 50k words to a work in progress instead of a brand new novel.

I’m not sure if I can get round that very loud voice in my head that keeps yelling, “That’s cheating!” But, if I’m truly honest with myself, it might be a toss up between doing the rebel thing or not taking part at all.

Not taking part at all feels so wrong but then not sticking to the rules doesn’t feel that great either. I guess the way to go is to start the new novel but if my Yantsu characters kick up too much about being abandoned I might have to change tack.

I could also go down the potentially suicidal route of continuing to write Yantsu as well as writing the new one. After all, it’s supposed to be a crazy month of literary abandon.