One Step Forward, Three Steps Back

Okay so I managed to get some writing done today but in a fit of pique I relegated most of it to the scrap file. I’m just back from a 5 mile run and I’m about to have another go.

I’ll read through what I threw in scrap first as it might look a little better now I’ve had some fresh air and some time away from the computer.

The frustrating thing is that I know where I want to go from here but my characters just don’t want to play ball. Everything I get them to do to move the story in the direction that I want to go feels somehow forced.

Maybe I need to give them a whack around the head and see if that livens them up a bit. I can always cut any nasty gratuitous violence when it comes to second draft.

No, that would never work. I’m bad enough at writing the hard bits anyway. I’m terrible at writing bad characters. I want them all to be good guys but they can’t be. I have to write believable characters so there have to be some baddies in there as well as the goodies.

I suppose life would be pretty boring if everyone was nice. Oh well, off to the scrap file than to see if I can rescue any of today’s work.