On Weekends and Writing

I’ve decided that weekends and writing just don’t go together. I had big plans for today but we ended up with a house full of people and very little got done.

From now on I think I’ll do what normal people do and take weekends off. I somehow feel that because I’m working from home that I can’t justify taking days off. I must be a sucker for punishment. The whole point of writing is that I enjoy it. If it’s going to become something that I’m forcing myself to do than maybe it’s time for a rethink on my scheduling.

At least I managed to get some fresh air and exercise. A 45 minute run followed by a bit of bag work was enough considering I’d had a sherry before lunch.

Oh well, tomorrow is a public holiday here in the UK but I’m still going to treat it like a working Monday and I should get a few chapters written. Hopefully tomorrow’s update will be all about how much work I’ve managed to do.