No More Editing!

This is it. The final decision has been made. No more editing on Sanchin. I will finish the final read through of the proof copy and unless there is anything I’ve overlooked that needs correcting I’m doing nothing else to the book!

It really is time to let this one go. I’ve said that more times than I can remember. Okay, maybe I could tighten the dialogue up a bit here or speed up the action a bit there but I really am in danger of over editing now.

So, final read through and then it goes out. If I do decide it needs work later on maybe I’ll publish a second edition in about a year or two. For now, I need distance.

Tomorrow I’m going to see someone who may become my new Sensei so I will have a breakĀ  from both writing and editing. And training too which will probably be a good thing as I’m walking like a duck again after today’s session.

Hmm I think an early night is in order.