Well, I didn’t write again today. I was hoping to be sore enough after last night’s training to want to just sit here and write. As it happens, I must have been slacking because I’m hardly stiff at all.

I’ve never been the best self-motivator in the world. I always work harder with Sensei breathing down my neck than I do training on my own, though I’m managing to force myself into action quite well these days.

With writing it’s different. There is no one to breathe down my neck. I have to motivate myself or I simply won’t write. I find myself feeling isolated and I somehow get very sensitive and snappy when I’m working on a novel.

During NaNoWriMo I never have a problem. Firstly, people know what I’m doing and tend to give me a wide berth and secondly, it’s almost like my dormant competitive streak comes out of hibernation for one month of the year and I have to reach that target.

Everything is put on hold in November, even the need to earn a living takes a back seat, so that I can get those 50 000 words on the page.

I was lucky with NaNo 2008 because the rough draft of Sanchin was born out of that frenzied banging on the keyboard and I think it has polished up pretty well.

Now all I have to do is  find a way to keep myself in the chair long enough to get Broken Bonds to first draft stage.

I wonder if I can find myself the writing equivalent of a Kyokushin Sensei or if I’m destined to write my first drafts during NaNo and spend the rest of the year polishing them up?

I was going to take the night off training but I had a close encounter of the Cadbury kind today, so it looks like an engagement with the exercise bike is on the cards, at the very least. Perhaps Tabata sprints, then maybe I’ll be tired enough to sit in front of the laptop tomorrow.

Here’s hoping!