Missing Sanchin

I went for a run last night to try and clear my head and figure out why I was feeling so strange about publishing Sanchin in eBook format. I think I get it now and I would probably feel the same way if it was out in paperback too.

For the last six months I’ve spent more time with the characters of Sanchin than I have with the real people in my life. Now the book is out there and I have no excuse keep going back to check this and that, I actually miss them.

I keep dipping into Yantsu but I haven’t fully got back into it yet. When I put Sanchin aside to get a bit of distance before the final edit, Yantsu was just rolling onto the page but it feels a little forced now.

I need to give myself time to re bond with Danny and the new set of characters. It’s almost like missing a friend who has gone away. You don’t want to start making new friends until you get over missing the old ones.

Do I sound like a total freak or is this a normal thing for fiction writers?

I’ve decided to get a few things done on here this morning and then take the afternoon away from the computer. I need to get grounded in the real world for a while. I think I’ll go and wander round town, maybe go for a coffee and just get a bit of breathing space.

Tonight I’ll read through what I’ve already written of Yantsu and then training and bed. Maybe tomorrow I will have a little more perspective and I won’t feel quite so much like a crazy person.

2 thoughts on “Missing Sanchin”

  1. Chris says:

    Hi Karen, i understand how you feel Osu! But anyway i’ve sent you some stuff to use 🙂 whether they are good or not thats a different story!

    Anyway stay positive!

  2. Karen says:

    Chris, thank you, you are a genius! I love them so much I was inspired to blog twice in one day 😀

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