May The Blue Bird of Happiness…

…fly up your nose and, in so doing, ensure you have a wonderful 2010.

Not that having the Blue Bird of Happiness up your left nostril would necessarily be the best start, but never mind. Happy New Year anyway.

Blue Bird of Something or Other

Oops! Wrong bird.

So, how did 2010 start for you?

I was washing a ton of dishes at 3:30 this morning. No, the transformation from domestic disaster to domestic goddess was not one of my new year’s resolutions.

Nor was I cleaning up after a mad wild NYE party. We had a quiet night in with a bottle of cider, a movie we’ve seen about a dozen times and a bag of those 49p for about 75 packets of assorted chips from Tesco.

We were so engrossed in the movie that we barely noticed the fireworks and the neighbours going nuts in the car park at midnight.

I was in bed by 12:20 and I put the light out an hour later. Wow, an early night even.  But, true to form these days, I just couldn’t sleep.

By 3am I’d given up, and by 3:30 I was in the kitchen trying not to wake the Zombie who lives upstairs. Not that I tried too hard, since it was his nocturnal habits that alerted us to the fact that he is a Zombie in the first place.

I suppose he could have been a vampire but we have actually seen his curtains open during the day so I have my doubts about that one. Can you tell I didn’t get much sleep?

Of course, I was sound asleep when my mom phoned at 10am to wish us a Happy New Year but at least it got me up. It might have taken a forklift to haul me out of bed if it hadn’t been for the fact I didn’t want her to know what a lazy old bat I was being on the first day of the New Year.

Speaking of lazy old bats, you may have noticed that week two of the Artist’s Way has yet to make an appearance on the blog. Well, the good thing about lying awake half the night is that I do get time to work on that.

Last night I completed the tasks for week two and I should be blogging about it tomorrow. I’m not making any promises though, because that seems to jinx me every time.

Happy New Year!