It’s Finally Done

I’ve finally finished the read through and the corrections on Sanchin. Tomorrow my sister is going to redo the cover as I made a mess of that and then it’s off be published at last. I hope it will make the deadline of the 15th, though if not it will only be a few days late.

There’s no change to the cover design but I submitted the image in RGB format and it should have been CMYK or something like that. All a bit too technical for me but it meant the proof copy came back with a much brighter red on the cover image.

I’m looking forward to finally putting this one behind me. I’ve got a lot going on in my head with Yantsu at the moment. My characters are getting ratty because I’m not devoting enough time to them.

I also have plans for my next non-fiction work. Most of it will be web content but there will be a book involved too, though I think I will probably only release it in ebook format.

Anyway, tomorrow’s news should be that Sanchin is finally out of my hands for the very last time. Let’s hope so. Right now I’m going to go and rest my sore knees. Lots of squats and kicking in today’s workout. Ouch!