Getting into Character

Yeah, I know, you thought that was something only actors did, right? Not true. I like to get inside my characters’ heads when I’m writing and, to do that, I often try out the things they do.

Within reason, or course. I mean, I wouldn’t wield an axe in my local Marks and Spencer or spend the night in a bath of cold water – I don’t think. Nah, my characters wouldn’t so that either. Not the axe bit at least.

Anyway, in Yantsu, Danny has a grading coming up (as do I, for that matter) and he’s training  hard, so I decided to test-drive one of his workouts. Well, it wasn’t really one of his workouts as they are never mentioned in the book. What I actually wanted to do was something intense.

Fun stuff.

Much to Danny’s disgust (yes, he followed me to the park), I started out with kata. This was nothing to do with getting into character, it was because I desperately need to for my own grading.

Now, I won’t bore you with too many details but I will say this, Danny is a heck of a lot fitter than me!

After about an hour of various kihon, interspersed with squat kicks, lunges, sit ups and other such nasties (thank goodness I’m still nursing a wrist injury or there would have been burpees involved 😮 ) I went  for the killer finish.

Tabata sprints – uphill. Yeah, I know. Idiot!

I definitely won’t go into details here. All I will say is that I almost killed myself.

Oh yeah, and it ended up being a ‘bucket session’. If you can’t guess what that means you (a) are lucky and (b) have probably never trained in a Kyokushin dojo. It’s not pleasant 🙁

Damn, I need to get back into shape. Is it too late for a New Year Resolution?