Fears and Frustrations

Today has been one of those odd days. Frustrating, in that I’ve had no time to write, and yet the need for a breather reared its ugly head in the form of a major crisis of confidence.

After reading excerpts of work by several other writers, I was struck by a strong urge to trash everything I’ve written to date and take up tiddlywinks.

I know different writing styles appeal to different people but I feel that, with Sanchin, I never really found my ‘voice’. I am already happier with the way Broken Bonds is coming along, even at the first draft stage, and I’m wondering whether or not to shelve Sanchin and rewrite it at a later stage.

Oh well, it’s getting late and I’m too tired to make any hasty decisions. I think I’ll turn off the laptop for tonight and hop on the exercise bike instead. I’m sure it will do me far more good.