Editing or Pedantry?

I got my first review of Sanchin on YouWriteOn.com today. It was good. My reviewer had obviously taken the time to consider the chapters that were posted and to give me an in depth and very helpful response.

However, ( Didn’t you just know there was going to be one of those? ) the more I think about it, the more I home in on what they said might need changing rather than looking at what they liked.

On the whole it was a very positive review and I should be encouraged by it, but I still worry about the possibility that my work won’t be good enough until it meets everyone else’s criteria.

I spent a good deal of today trying to revise the first few chapters based on a few of the points they made but some of it is just not working. The bottom line is this; if I don’t develop the confidence in my work and stop trying to fix every little point someone comes up with, I’ll never get it out there in front of the people who might want to read it.

Yes, I do still have a few changes to make. Changes based on my own thoughts about the book. But if I try to fix every point someone else suggests I will end up with a story, and a writing style, that is not my own.

So, in the unlikely event that my YWO reviewer should ever read this blog entry, thank you very much for your comments 🙂 I did implement a couple of your suggestions, and I think I have a stronger story for having done so, but from now on I am going to trust my own feelings on the book.

If I don’t, I will get all pedantic about it and end up throwing it in my underwear drawer never to see the light of day again!