Dramas, Deadlines and Decisions

Well, I’ve finally managed to dig myself out from under the avalanche of spam comments and get round to actually updating the blog. I’ve been neglecting my writing lately and the self-imposed deadline for the completion of the first draft of Yantsu is barrelling down on me like a runaway train. I’m just waiting for the wild panic to set in and maybe that will be the kick in the pants I need.

It never ceases to amaze me how many trivial things suddenly demand my attention when I should be writing. Furniture shopping, for instance. Why is that that, after living in a flat with two garden recliners and an inflatable mattress for 4 months, it becomes a matter of life and death to buy a couple of sofas and a bed?

Now, I’m not the most stable person on the planet as anyone who knows me will testify. I rarely stay in one place long enough to make it feel like home and now, with only 2 months remaining on my lease, I decide to furnish the place. When will I ever learn?

Only last November I sold almost £500 worth of furniture for £40 because I moved out of one house without having another ready to move into. Two moves later and I’m stocking up on furniture again while part of my crazy mind is contemplating a trip back to South Africa to avoid the British winter. Sometimes I scare myself.

Perhaps it’s time to take a good look at my life and reevaluate my priorites.