Decisions, Decisions!

I had a good look round my potential new town today. It was busy, but then that’s to be expected on a Saturday, I guess. It seemed quite pleasant and I managed to locate the Kyokushin Dojo which is a top priority for me. Now all I need to do is find a house to rent within walking, or at least cycling distance. Well, that’s after I make the decision on whether or not this is the town.

I haven’t managed to get any writing done today though and I do feel a bit guilty because I left one of my characters in a dilemma last night. I should probably be rescuing him now instead of contributing more random waffle to this blog.

Tomorrow my little niece will be spending the day with us so I won’t get much done then. I also have to go for my “in real life” run. I like to have at least one road run per week as opposed to running on my treadmill. I’m such a wimp in the cold weather.

Okay, I’m going to rescue my character now. I have no idea how I’m going to get him out of this one. He does seem to get himself into some scrapes.