Conquering the Internal Editor

I never realised how much NaNoWriMo influenced my writing until now. Having that 50 000 words in a month deadline is a wonderful way to keep the internal editor at bay.

Broken Bonds is my first attempt at writing a novel without that incentive and the result is a constant mental war between writer and editor.

During NaNo I can pound out between two and five thousand words a day with no trouble at all. Granted, a lot of it will be trashed when I get to the editing stage, but at least I end up with something to edit.

It’s Tuesday today and all I have managed since Saturday is 268 words. Well polished words, maybe, but not necessarily words that will make the final cut.

So why do we do this to ourselves? What’s with the temptation to edit and polish every word as we go along? I know I’m not the only writer who struggles with this. In fact, given my experiences with NaNo, I was hoping to be one of the few who didn’t have an issue with it. No such luck!

Maybe I need to set my own deadline but that begs the question, do I have the self-discipline? Probably not.

Or perhaps I could bribe myself.  One chocolate button for every thousand words. That might work.

Well, the bribery has a better chance than the self-imposed deadline. Let’s make it two buttons and see what happens.

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