Chocolate, Cats and Confessions

I did it!

Yup, I actually made the Christmas chocolates last beyond boxing day. And I still have one left to prove it.

The last of the Christmas Chocolates


My self control knows no bounds.

Well, other than staring at the last Christmas chocolate wondering how much longer I can make it last, today has been another uneventful one.

Well, pretty much. I skated walked to the shop this morning intending to buy bread and milk but, of course, they didn’t have any. The shelves were empty and the entire population of the village was in the queue ahead of me. Every one of them had bread and milk in their baskets.

I briefly thought about mugging one of them but they were mostly older and armed with walking sticks. They were drunk too, by all accounts. After all, how else can anyone be that cheerful at 8.30 on a Sunday morning?

Okay, so now we’re using Ritz crackers instead of bread and the dregs of the milk that was best before 26th December. Does milk ferment? As in turn to alcohol? No? Pity, that.

Actually that would be a good thing. I’m dangerous enough without imbibing 20% proof milk. Or so the cat would have you believe.

You see, I’m not the biggest fan of artificial light (unless it’s my SAD lamp, Samuel) so I tend to grope around in the dark a lot.

Well, this morning I was doing just that when I kicked Phil, my boy cat, right out of the bedroom and into the hall. I don’t normally do that because he has white bits that seem to glow in the dark, but I guess I missed them today. Or not, depending on how you look at it.

It always used to be Lily that I kicked because she is all black, but she’s learned to hoot as soon as I come within three steps of her. Sensible kitteh.

Anyway, I’m in serious bad books with Philby and I’ve been trying to make amends all day. The Christmas cat treats have been very much in evidence, as have lots of cuddles. And it’s fresh chicken for supper tonight.

Boy cat, Phil

Making amends

He’s still not too pleased with me though.

Phil, it was an accident!

Okay, I confess, it was probably more of an avoidable. I should have put the light on. But it certainly wasn’t an on purpose.

And no, I hadn’t been at the milk.