Chickens, Sanchin and an Update

Am I the only one who thinks chickens look weird without their heads, feet and feathers?

I had the misfortune of having to boil one today and it freaked me out a bit. Phil, my boy cat, was at the vet this week and is on a diet of boiled chicken until he’s finished his course of antibiotics.



Now, I wouldn’t call myself a vegetarian as I do occasionally eat fish and, unlike some ‘vegetarians’ I know, I have a hard time defining a fish as a vegetable. But I don’t eat meat so I’m not that great at cooking it.

I managed to get him four chicken breasts at the local shop and that was no problem, but they were sold out when I went for some more this morning.

I could have bought a pack of 4 turkey slices but, for only 22p more, I got a whole chicken instead. Said chicken came with instructions for roasting so I decided to stick with the cooking times but just boil it instead.

I put it on for an hour and a half and promptly forgot about it. Three hours later I was fishing bits of disintegrating chicken out of murky water with a sieve and thanking my lucky stars it was for the cat and not a dinner party.

At first I tried lifting it onto a plate with a couple of forks but it collapsed in pieces back into the pot. I poked around for a while and then resorted to the sieve.

There’s something truly disturbing about trawling for chicken femurs and and vertebrae in the depths of your best cooking pot.


While we’re on the subject of chickens, I chickened out of the Lincoln Santa Run. But I think it was fairly obvious I was going to in the last post. I can’t cope with this winter weather. I’d much rather hibernate.

While I’m hibernating I’ve decided to do some more work on Sanchin. I had a quick flick though it again the other day. It’s amazing what you notice when you’ve had some time away from it.

It could definitely benefit from some major tightening up and I noticed a few nasty double spaces and rogue quotation marks that were missed in the final proofreading.

I’m not one for making New Years resolutions but I think a revised edition of Sanchin, followed by some serious promotion might be on the cards.

Finally an update on Sanchin in Support of Heather Clark. I still don’t have the final sales figures in for November. I’m expecting them by the end of this month though they may be delayed further by Christmas and New Year.

I’ll be sending the money sometime around mid January and I’ll post how much was made once I have it all confirmed.

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