Spam and a Yantsu Update

Hmmph it looks like the spammers finally caught up with my blog. In theory it’s not a problem because I manually approve comments anyway. So nothing gets onto the blog without my say so . Please take note of that statement before you’re tempted to spam on here. Go and waste your time elsewhere. It becomes a problem when I’m off line for a while and the comments mount up. If I have a whole load to moderate I may […]

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Weddings, Weights and Writing

I’m not sure how but I did manage to get some writing done on Yantsu today. The reason that is so surprising is because my cousin got married in America and we attended the “cyber wedding” via Skype. It was a lovely ceremony and it was good to be able to “be there” without the hassle of flights and visas etc. Prior to that I had a good run and a session with the weights and the punch bag in […]

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Sanchin vs Yantsu

Okay, first the good news. I managed to rescue quite a bit of Yantsu from the scrap file and I’ve added to it today. It’s coming along well again and I think I’ve exorcised the demons for the moment. The not so good news is that Sanchin is due out on the 15th May and I’ve suddenly gone mad and decided it needs one more final edit. I’m halfway through doing it and I should still make the deadline but […]

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One Step Forward, Three Steps Back

Okay so I managed to get some writing done today but in a fit of pique I relegated most of it to the scrap file. I’m just back from a 5 mile run and I’m about to have another go. I’ll read through what I threw in scrap first as it might look a little better now I’ve had some fresh air and some time away from the computer. The frustrating thing is that I know where I want to […]

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Back to Business with Yantsu

I haven’t done a lot today but I have a nice quiet evening planned to work on Yantsu. I’ve caught up with most of my reading on Authonomy and I’ve done my training for the day. I managed to lose a bit of skin from my knuckles on the punchbag but it won’t interfere with my typing – which has never been that great anyway. Yantsu is taking a lot more time than Sanchin did to get to first draft. […]

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Twists and Turns and (Un)Pleasant Surprises

A very productive day on the writing front today. I have no idea how much of it will make final draft but it sure is interesting. It will need a good polish if it’s going to last the course but one thing is certain, this is not turning out to be the book I thought it was going to be. Not that I have a problem with that, it’s just that it’s beginning to stray at little from my pitch. […]

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A Twist in the Tale

I’m really loving being back in writing mode. Yantsu is coming on well again and I’m enjoying the more relaxed pace I set when I’m writing compared to when I’m editing. I got a bit of a fright today though. Yesterday the storyline took an unexpected turn and today that turn gave me a huge scare. The one part of the plot I thought I knew was thrown right out of the window and I was left completely in the […]

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Yantsu and Something New From Chris

Before I start waffling on about Yantsu, I want to show you what I got from Chris this morning. How cool is that?  I just love all of them and now all I have to do is decide which one I’m going to have on the shirt I wear to the British Regional Knockdown Tournament in June. I’m still feeling pretty uncomfortable with the whole self promo thing but I’ll get over it. And what better place to walk around […]

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Getting Past a Sticking Point

Things have been going really well with Yantsu but today I’ve hit a brick wall. The same thing happened with Sanchin, so I’m not overly concerned. It’s not as if I don’t know where I’m going with the story, I do. I’m just not sure how to get from where I am to where I want to be. Maybe knowing is part of the problem. I’m very much a linear writer so, even though I could probably write another five […]

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Just a Quickie

Just a very quick update on Yantsu. I’m finally getting a bit of an idea where this story is heading. I was clueless for ages. I even mentioned guilty secrets in the pitch for the novel but I had no idea what they were. Well, one of them was revealed to me today and it was not remotely what I was expecting. I’m beginning to get an inkling as to what the other might be. Having said that, I was […]

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