Taking a Break

Well, my second attempt to complete the Artist’s Way has ended pretty much the same way the first one did. It has come to a grinding halt. And it’s not only the Artist’s Way. Right now I really need to take a break from the blog too, and possibly even my writing. This is not something I’m doing lightly but life is just getting on top of me right now. Last week I worked a 126 hour week and this […]

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The Artist’s Way – Week Four

Oh boy, what a week. I’m not sure where to start with this one. I had no problem doing the tasks. In fact, I probably wrote more this week than I have in all the other weeks combined. But while the Artist’s Way seemed to go smoothly, the rest of my life felt like it was coming apart at the seams. Anyway, this is all about the Artist’s Way, not sick cats, the vet, hospitals, the Inland Revenue, public transport, […]

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The Artist’s Way – Week Three

Right, I decided to get the Artist’s Way update done on time this week. It was either that or falling asleep on the sofa feeling sorry for myself because I can’t get to the dojo today. Now there’s a great alternative to a karate session! So, how did I do this week? Well, I had a bit of a glitch with the Morning Pages. I’m not sure how it happened but I managed to forget them yesterday morning. I know, […]

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The Artist’s Way – Week Two

Well, it’s sort of week two. I’ve actually been doing the morning pages for over a month now but I have to confess, I’ve really been struggling to find the time and the inclination to get the tasks done. The Artist’s date remains an issue for me and I have yet to actually go on one.  I don’t know what it is but I have a real aversion to going out and doing something that my logical old brain tells […]

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The Artist’s Way – Week One

It’s a good thing I mentioned in the last post that I was going to write about the Artist’s Way today, otherwise I might have banged on about today’s town trip. And then spontaneous human combustion would have been a very real possibility. I may have calmed down enough to tell you all about it by tomorrow. Don’t go holding your breath though, it may take a little longer than that. Right then, The Artist’s Way. The Artist’s Way is […]

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