A Quick Update on Yantsu and Sanchin

First Sanchin. My friend Mark has set up a Facebook group called Sanchin- The Novel to help me to promote the book. Thanks, Spark. Now Mark knows me well enough to know I’d rather eat grated earthworms than promote my own work, but the response has been encouraging so far and I’m slowly getting used to the idea. So, if you have a Facebook account, please join the group and if you add me as a friend I’ll gladly accept. […]

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An Update on Sanchin and Yantsu

First the good news about Sanchin. It is now available on an Amazon near you. Well, that is it you have one near you. Here’s the list of counties it’s currently available in. Now for Yantsu. I’m pleased to say it’s coming along well again. One of my poor characters has a dilemma that I’m not sure how he’s going to solve. It’s a tough decision for him and I don’t think he can win which ever side of the […]

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Sanchin – My First Amazon Review

Okay, I’m excited. Sanchin got its first customer review on Amazon today. And, as if that’s not cool enough, it was from someone who I respect a great deal both as a martial artist and as an author. I ordered Goran Powell’s Waking Dragons when I saw it mentioned in a thread on a forum. I was so frustrated when it arrived at home as I was working away at the time. From the reviews I’d read I just knew […]

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A Pain in the Neck!

I mean that both literally and figuratively. First the literal cause. I’m back on the computer for about 16 hours a day and it’s playing havoc with my neck and shoulders. The fact that I’ve challenged myself to do 1000 push ups in a week is not helping either. I might have to shelve that little endeavour until I get used to all this typing again. I do hate to wimp out of a challenge though! My figurative pain in […]

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Sanchin is Live on Amazon!

Finally I have the news I’ve been waiting to tell you for ages. Sanchin went live on Amazon today. You can find it here. I can’t believe the stress of editing is over at last. One thing I’ve discovered is that I love writing fiction but editing it is a different animal altogether. I think for Yantsu I will hire a professional editor to go over the final draft. Self-editing is a surefire way to make yourself crazy! I will […]

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Getting Back to Normal

Wow, the last few weeks have been crazy round here. I’ve been off line for a while (nothing like stating the obvious) but I have my internet connection sorted out so it should be business as usual from now on. First of all the promised update on Sanchin. I had to put the release date back a bit due to a problem with the cover design. That’s all fixed now and I’m waiting to review the final proof. As soon […]

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An Apology

Just a quick update. I’m in the process of moving house and have no internet access at the moment. I don’t like working on public computers so I will update as soon as I get the connection sorted out. Apologies to everyone waiting to hear what’s happening with Sanchin. It should be all sorted out this time next week.

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Sanchin – An Update

Okay, call me stupid! Maybe I have flipped out or maybe there is some deep seated psychological fear of putting my book out there. Today I went to check why I hadn’t heard anything regarding Sanchin and it seems I had forgotten to take two steps I needed to take to approve the book for publication. So, that’s why it’s the 15th of May and Sanchin is not yet available for sale. My sincere apologies to the few people who […]

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It’s Finally Done

I’ve finally finished the read through and the corrections on Sanchin. Tomorrow my sister is going to redo the cover as I made a mess of that and then it’s off be published at last. I hope it will make the deadline of the 15th, though if not it will only be a few days late. There’s no change to the cover design but I submitted the image in RGB format and it should have been CMYK or something like […]

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Almost There

I only have a couple more chapters to go through on Sanchin and then it’s all done for the final time. I’m sure I just keep looking for excuses to fiddle because I’m too afraid to let it go and have people actually read it. Crazy, I know.  Why else would any normal person write a book if they didn’t want people to read it? But then I guess I’m not normal. I must be a bit weird. To be […]

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