Tickets, Tournaments and Missed Milestones

Yay, I finally booked my tickets to the 33rd British Open Knockdown Tournament on 17th October. My tickets should be arriving any day but I keep hearing nasty rumours about a postal strike. According to one news report postal workers are on strike now and according to another they’re voting whether or not to strike in September. Par for the course for news reports I guess. There is also the all Kyokushin Karate World Tournament in Budapest from the 2nd […]

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A Change of Style

I’m in the process of making a very hard decision. Although it wasn’t the first style of karate I trained in, I loved Kyokushin from the moment I first stepped into that dojo in Cape Town. Now, several years on, I’m living in a town with no Kyokushin dojo and I’m training solo or, when I can, with a friend. Obviously this is not ideal and I need to get back into a formal setting if I am going to […]

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Sosai Masutatsu Oyama 27/07/1923 – 26/04/1994

Today is the fifteenth anniversary of the death of Sosai Mas Oyama, founder of Kyokushin Karate. Although it was already 10 years after Sosai’s passing that I was introduced to Kyokushin, I have a lot to be grateful to him for. Kyokushin has literally changed the course of my life. That probably seems strange to anyone who doesn’t practice a martial art. It may well sound odd to many who do, but without it I would never have married Tiaan […]

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