Catching Up On The Reading

Today I’ve managed to start the task of catching up on my reading on Authonomy. I still have a long way to go before I’m back on an even keel but at least I don’t have that awful guilt I feel when I know I have something to do but no time to do it.

Yantsu took a back seat today but I have time earmarked for a good writing session tomorrow. As far as Sanchin goes, it’s out of my hands now and back to the waiting game. I know all of the editing is complete this time and I can only hope I get the proof copy back in time to approve the cover before the deadline of the 15th. Somehow I think the publishing date may have to be put back by a day or two.

Entirely my fault for messing up the cover files, but at least it gave me an opportunity to tighten up a bit of dialogue here and there.

I’ve failed miserably so far with my intended commitment to my non-fiction. I haven’t even looked at my websites or my research notes for my book. Oh well, I’m hoping things will settle down a bit in June. I really don’t know why I think that might happen. I’ve taken the whole of May off from working for other people hoping for a quieter time but so far it’s been the most hectic month this year.

I must be nuts if I think I will be able to slow down when Sanchin is finally published. I may not have the constant fiddling and editing going on but promoting it will probably be the equivalent of a full time job.

Maybe I need an early night.