Books, Bugs and Blatant Stupidity

First the books. Sanchin is doing quite well, though sales from don’t seem to have been tracked with the publisher. And I know there have been sales as I have a friend who is reading her copy right now.

For now, I’ll assume it’s a glitch in the system or that they’re just slower at reporting sales than But if many more people say they have bought the book and I still get no sales reports, I guess I’ll have to send them an email.

As for Yantsu, I’ve finally made a firm decision to write straight through and then start fiddling. How long I’ll stick to it remains to be seen. I’m already getting itchy fingers because I’ve just written a scene with my main character in the dojo which I know won’t make the final edit.

But if I don’t stop the fiddling I’ll end up being one of those authors who only puts a book out every five years or so. Yantsu is taking me much longer than I thought it would. I was expecting first draft to be finished by the end of March at the latest. I don’t know where this year’s going.

On the plus side, I have had more time to write over the last few days but that’s because I’ve had to put my training on hold. I’m not training in the dojo because a crisis at work dragged me away from home for a while and my solo training has been hijacked by some horrible little bug that I just can’t seem to shake.

Now, training is important to me and I have been known to exercise when I’m not feeling 100% but I have a golden rule that I’ve adhered to since my nursing days. Never exert yourself when you have a raised temperature.

Well, I’d been feeling a bit rough for a couple of weeks but I trained through it thinking it would go away. Then the temp shot up.

I rested for two days with it hovering between 38C, and 38,6C and on day three I sat with my feet in a bucket of iced water and got it down to just below 37C. I felt much better.

Then came the blatant stupidity. I decided I would be fine if I stuck to a light workout. The result? I was far from fine. In fact, for a while there I was convinced I’d done some permanent damage.

Today the temp is back up and I’m feeling short of breath and generally miserable but at least I’m finding the time to write.

Since my dear “friend” Mark stuck this up on Facebook yesterday I might as well give you an incentive not to train when you’re sick. You could end up looking like this…

Don't Train With a Fever!

Don't Train With a Fever!