TV, or no TV: That is the Question

Whether ’tis nobler in the the mind to suffer the post-watershed tr… Okay, let’s not go there. I have a dilemma. A pretty embarrassing one at that. I’ve never been a great one for TV and haven’t had one in the house for years. On account of this I’ve had numerous altercations with the TV Licence people. The last one ended with a letter stating they will not harass us again for two years. It arrived three days before we […]

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An Exciting New Challenge

I haven’t blogged for ages because I’m busy with so many projects that I’m considering chucking it all in and moving into a cave in the middle of nowhere. Nowhere would have to have a decent climate, of course. Not to mention a plentiful supply of fresh water and a banana tree or two. Oh, and vodka coffee and chocolate, a place to practice karate and… Okay, forget the middle of nowhere. What’s the challenge? English dialogue and the British […]

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If it’s Not Pigs it’s Freaks!

What else can you call fully grown, straw Stetson wearing, toy (I hope) gun toting, bellowing adults running down the street leaving a trail of crosses made from breadcrumbs on the pavement? Well, I think the crosses were made from breadcrumbs. I decided that joining the ranks of the curtain twitchers was the safest bet so I only guessed at the nature of the white substance they were sprinkling all over the place. After all, there was a whole herd […]

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Marauding Pigs and Rampant Sports Bras

Honestly, such is my life that nothing remotely interesting happens for weeks and then I have two ‘incidents’ in the space of as many hours. First our garden was taken over by enormous fire-breathing devils pigs and then my sports bra savagely attacked me and held me hostage. Seriously, I almost had to go to the neighbour for help – and I don’t mean with the pigs! Now, about those pigs. They were huge black monsters with red eyes and […]

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Blogger’s Block…

Does blogger’s block even exist? According to my spell checker blogger doesn’t exist so I guess that would be a no. Anyway, that’s not what’s kept me away from here. Though the 8 attempted posts that are sitting in my drafts folder might suggest otherwise. The truth is I’ve been busy on a crazy project that I’ve been wanting to do for ages but haven’t had the space. Well, it’s not really my dream project but it’s a start. The […]

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A Thousand Words Before Bed…

…It didn’t happen. Actually, not a lot happened. By the time I finished yesterday’s blog entry it was pretty much bed time anyway. Today has been one of those days. I seem to have been on the go all day but I don’t have that much to show for it. I have been writing but my fiction has taken a back seat. Well, writing it has anyway. A while ago I was moaning that these characters don’t ‘speak to me’ […]

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Tentatively Back

Okay, I know, it’s been forever since I posted on here but I’ve fought my way through the cobwebs, dusted off the password and here I am. I’m not promising to stick around though because, last time I did that, life pulled the rug out from under me and I never managed to get back to the blog. The main reason for my absence has been way too much going on at work,  and the sad demise of my precious […]

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And a Wonderful Night Was Had by All…

Okay, it wasn’t. Not by me anyway. I spent the entire night in A&E waiting for someone to be admitted to hospital. Not just anyone – the person I actually accompanied in the ambulance. Anyway, we arrived at the hospital at around midnight, he was finally taken to the ward at 4am and I managed to get the 6:30 bus home. Well, when I say home what I really mean is into town. Then I had to wait 45 minutes […]

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Sanchin: Free for One Week

I’ve finally decided to stop feeling sorry for myself after my disastrous couple of months and get back into the swing of things. And to mark my return, I come bearing gifts. Okay, I have an ulterior motive but more about that in a second. I have decided to give away the ebook version of my novel, Sanchin, for one week only. To grab your copy just go along to Sanchin on Smashwords, add it to your basket, and use […]

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Taking a Break

Well, my second attempt to complete the Artist’s Way has ended pretty much the same way the first one did. It has come to a grinding halt. And it’s not only the Artist’s Way. Right now I really need to take a break from the blog too, and possibly even my writing. This is not something I’m doing lightly but life is just getting on top of me right now. Last week I worked a 126 hour week and this […]

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