Babysitting and Editing

I had intended to do a lot of writing today but a couple of things cropped up. My sister had a child minding emergency and I realised that the deadline for editing Sanchin is creeping up rather faster than I thought.

When it’s a toss up between writing and keeping an almost two year old niece entertained, the niece wins hands down :). As for the editing, well, that took a back seat to the niece too but I will have to get onto it this evening.

I’ve worked through the editing suggestions up to chapter fourteen but that still leaves another eleven chapters to go. I also have my non fiction book, Trash to Treasure – The Art of Paper Mache, and several articles to do for a skateboarding website that I write for.

Perhaps this is the ultimate in procrastination then. Waffling on on my blog instead of getting on with it. Sanchin must take priority for a few days. It is falling in the rankings on Authonomy for the first time since I put it up there and that’s just because I’m so bad at the shameless self promotion thing.

Oh well, best be getting on with it then. I hope to have Sanchin fully edited and submitted for approval by the end of the day tomorrow. We’ll see when I update the blog.