Another Major Struggle

Trying to write is becoming a nightmare again. I work away from home a lot and when I’m away I get time alone where it’s quiet to work on the computer. As soon as I get home it’s like being in Grand Central Station.

It’s not that I don’t appreciate the time at home, I do. But I just wish I could get one or two moments of peace to write. Maybe I need to take some time away from any kind of work when I’m home but I feel like I need to get this book written.

I also need to catch up on my reading on Authonomy and I have two full fiction manuscripts that I’ve promised to read and review. I’m feeling really swamped and overwhelmed and I wish I could just go somewhere and hide out for a month or two and get Yantsu to first draft at least.

I know I’m insanely tired but I don’t sleep well. If I don’t catch up on my rest I will only get about 4 hours a night when I get back to work but at the same time, I know the only quiet time I ever get is when the rest of the household is in bed.

Okay, this post was probably one I shouldn’t have bothered with but I just had to get away from trying to work for a few minutes and having a whinge on the blog seemed like a good idea at the time. One I will probably live to regret 🙁

2 thoughts on “Another Major Struggle”

  1. Chris says:

    Karen Van Wyk is Human too!. Kyokushin karateka or not, even our Osu No Seishin spirit can get depleted if we neglect our bodies, the capsule in which all good things arise from. You and I are both going through the doubtful stages, in which we question our abilities. It becomes very difficult to maintain focus.. but its okay to whinge so long as you get it off your chest. Sometimes it helps and this may be the best thing you could have done 🙂


    1. Karen says:

      Hi Chris,
      Thank you for helping to put things in perspective for me. You’re right, it is good to get it off my chest. Today I took a rest from writing and I just went for a run and practised kata in a quiet field close to my home. It was a good feeling to put all of the worries on one side for a while.

      I hope things are looking up for you too.


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