An Update on Sanchin and Yantsu

First the good news about Sanchin. It is now available on an Amazon near you. Well, that is it you have one near you. Here’s the list of counties it’s currently available in.

Now for Yantsu. I’m pleased to say it’s coming along well again. One of my poor characters has a dilemma that I’m not sure how he’s going to solve. It’s a tough decision for him and I don’t think he can win which ever side of the fence he decides to jump off on.

This poor guy’s had a rough time recently so I may have to wimp out of this scene altogether and let someone else have the deciding vote. We’ll see, I might still be mean.

In the meantime, I have a little dilemma of my own. This year seems to be racing by and November will be here before I’m ready for it. I really want to take part in NaNoWriMo again this year but I’m not sure I want to tackle another novel while I’m in the middle of Yantsu.

My other option is to give myself a deadline to have the first draft finished by then. That way I could put it aside during November and December (NaNoFiMo) before starting the editing in January.

Hmm decisions, decisions. The deadline idea is probably the most sensible but, with the other work I have on my plate at the moment, it’s certainly the least appealing.

I’ll see how the writing goes tonight and update on that in the next day or two.