Almost There

I had a full day of editing today, punctuated only by a quick couple of miles on the treadmill and about 15 minutes with the weights.

I was hoping to have Sanchin finished and sent off by now but I still have four chapters to go. There may be time to finish it tomorrow but I will be cooking for seven people, one of whom is under two, and we’ll have a houseful all day. Hmm maybe not then.

I’m really glad I set Sanchin aside and started on Yantsu before I did this final edit. I needed that distance to give me a bit of perspective. One thing that jumped out at me as hideously annoying was my tendency to use the characters names most of the time, instead of using personal pronouns.

I’m fixing that as I go along and I’ve made a mental note to watch out for it in Yantsu.

Well, this is just a quick update. I was going to try and do a bit more editing tonight. My characters in Yantsu are getting restless and the urge to write is strong, but I promised myself I would finish editing Sanchin first so I need to get on with it, but it’s after 11pm and I’m tired.

For some weird reason the doorbell keeps ringing too. There’s no one at the door so I’m going to take the batteries out of the thing and try and fix it in the morning.

Hopefully, by the time I update again, Sanchin will be in the bag and I’ll be back to writing Yantsu.