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Where There’s Life

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Where There’s Life

Where There’s Life is my first adult novel.

Now, when I say adult novel I’m not talking in the 50 Shades sense. All I really mean is that there may be a few choice words you wouldn’t want your twelve year old coming out with in the school playground. Right, that’s that cleared up then.

Just to make sure there’s a distinction, I write my young adult novels under the name KA van Wyk and my others (Others, ha, listen to me. Anyone would think I was actually prolific.) under the name Karen van Wyk.


About the book

What happens when life knocks you down so hard there should be no way back up?

In a crime that shocked South Africa, fifteen year old child prodigy, Reuben Shayne’s life is shattered by the brutal murder of his mother, and his promising career in classical music lies in ruins.

Ten years later, new evidence comes to light, and Reuben is able to start rebuilding his life. Still unable to bring himself to play his violin, he decides to move on and leave his past behind.

Leaving Cape Town, he goes to stay with a relative in England where he meets a group of musicians and begins to play again. But playing the local pub scene takes its toll and Reuben begins to spiral out of control.

Can a chance meeting with a conductor’s daughter turn his career around, or will the truth about his past come out and tear his life apart again?

You can read the cover blurb and the first two chapters on the Where There’s Life excerpt page.


The Knockdown Karate Series

Sanchin by KA van WykYantsu by KA van Wyk


Sanchin was the first full length novel that I wrote. It was never intended to be part of a series, and even when I started writing Yantsu I had no idea that some of the same characters would pop up and make an appearance.

Anyway, they did, and even though the stories don’t exactly follow on, you still get to know where life took some of the guys from the first book.

Saifa will be the third and final book in the series. I was hoping to have it finished and out there by now, but life kind of got in the way. I haven’t forgotten about it though. This one will tie up the odd loose end, like what did happen to Darren at the 2001 summer camp?

You can read the cover blurb and the first chapter of the books on the Sanchin excerpt page and the Yantsu excerpt page.